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When Fantasy Becomes Reality

Longpig and the Femcans | March 12, 2016

“Welcome to my kitchen” announces FemcanLana as LP61975 walks in behind her. “impressive isn’t it!?” She abruptly enquires… Tripping over his words in awe of the room where he was stood LP61975 couldn’t help but agree “ye…ye…ye..yes Femcan Lana, you have some truly magnificent industrial catering equipment”.

To be honest the room would not look out of place in a large modern hotel or restaurant, everywhere he looked he saw sleek clean stainless steel implements, everything shinned immaculately clean to the smallest detail. The room had everything you could possibly imagine …

Meat hooks with drip trays underneath.
Lined down the middle of the room where large stainless steel preparation tables…
But each wall was also crammed full of equipment….
An industrial style bread oven with glass door large enough to accommodate a fully grown man.
An 8 feet tall Kebab rotisserie grill complete with spike and gas burners
A hog roasting oven with large hinge down lid
Above the counter top were a row of professional chefs stainless steel knives, the bright lights glinting from their blades.
Another wall had two large industrial sized chest freezers and an upright double height fridge.

Then he saw the large empty cage, the door a jar awaiting its next piggy occupant. Hanging upon a hook on the side of the gage was cooking apron. In large letters a slogan caught his eye as it amused him. It read “Spit or swallow? … FemCans SPIT you and SWALLOW you”.

It was then he heard a heavy clunk followed by a whirring noise. Startled by the noise LP61975 turned around suddenly to see Femcan Lana stood next to an enormous meat mincer her finger still poised on the green start button. Pressing the red button with another positive clunk the whirring once more stopped. Femcan Lana looked him in the eye “But this is my favourite grinder… My grandma handed it down to me…. ” There stood what look like an old antique meat grinder. It stood out Because it was dull in appearance, unlike all the other fresh stainless steel equipment in the room. It had a hooper bucket at the top and a large wooden handle on the side, the handle was smooth and shiny from years of repeated use. Femcan Lana grasped the handle and proceeded to slowly turn it three complete revolutions…. You could hear the corkscrew blade turning inside…. Still gazing at in with a look of satisfaction in her eye she slowly and dreamily said “There is nothing quite like grinding your meat by hand …. When you do… you get to feel at one with your meat”. Snapping out of her daydream she continued “you see LP61975… Modern electric mincers are fine if you have to process a lot of meat quickly … But I like to turn the handle and feel the meat being drawn into the blades…and then watching as the strands of red worms squeeze from the end of the blade tube.. Knowing it is my motions turning them from pig into delicious mince”

Shivers ran down his spine, there was one thing you could say about Femcan Lana, she was passionate about preparing her longpigs. Trying to turn Femcan Lana away from her fixation on the old meat grinder, LP61975 jokingly says “ahhh… You don’t have a traditional cannibal cooking pot!” With out so much as a pause, Femcan Lana replied “oh! ….Yes! …. Yes I do!” And used her had to motion towards the window, and there out in the back yard was a cooking pot stood about 5 feet tall and 3ft across … Femcan Lana continued “I tell my neighbours it’s a novelty hot tub…. But I don’t think they realise just how hot it gets!”

She continued, “So LP61975 … You contacted me saying you wanted to have some piggie role play?” LP61975 nervously agreed in reply… He had not quite realised how serious Femcan Lana was, he had not expected such an array of equipment. She continued “How nice! …Well I do enjoy role play… But you are aware I am a real Femcan? “. Once more the piggie agreed, from his correspondence with her, he did know this, but standing in the presence of her for the first time did unease him. “Good! ” she said before continuing “As it is your role play you have to be in control … Have you a safe word? “. LP61975 shook his head. “Now that is silly! ” Femcan Lana laughed “How would I know when to stop cooking you!…. You’d better make up a word …. And be quick about it… I’m getting hungry” she snarled.

LP61975 tried to think quickly “Ughhh… Shall we say …. Bongo drums?” “If you like” Femcan Lana nonchalantly replied. The honest truth was she didn’t really care, she just wanted to inspect this piggies meat. ” STRIP for me piggie! I want to see your meat!” LP61975 started to undress ” quicker! ” commanded Femcan Lana. LP61975 tore his cloths off and was soon stood naked in her kitchen. ” mmmm … Nice ” cooed Femcan Lana “Turn around for me piggie!…. I want to see all the meat! ” and with this LP61975 shuffled 360 degrees around on the spot. As he turned Femcan Lana couldn’t help but notice how plump and succulent he looked, his butt was soft and plump… His ribs covered it a think fatty layer of meat. Femcan Lana was strating to feel her mouth salivate in desire…. Sucking down her saliva she continued ” oh yes piggie! … You’ll do…. You’ll do nicely … I don’t even need to fatten you up …. Your just plump enough as you are”.

Her words turned on LP61975 and as such he was embarrassed as his manhood quickly stood fully erect… It was impossible to hide his reaction so Femcan Lana laughed and looked down at the size of the offering ” oh yes! I’d forgotten about you …. You’ll have a special place on my platter” then sucked through her teeth Hannibal lecture style. ”

So piggie… What’s it going to be?…. I guess for role play a trip in to my oven? ” before LP61975 could answer she continued ” I’d love to spit you… But the bar will make a mess of your insides, the same with the kebab machine. The meat grinder whilst fun to use would be quickly terminal for you …. And as for the cooking pot in the back yard… I only use that after dark.. You see the neighbours would begin to talk….. Yes …. I think you’ll be just fine in my oven.” Still trying to take it all in LP61975 just agreed.

“OK piggie… I need to get a batch of my special marinade mixed up… So while I do this be a good little piggie and climb in the cage…. But first fetch your self a bucket of water and wash yourself clean for me.” LP61975 duly complied, fetching a bucket of water and taking it to his cage. With a couple of “oink ..oinks!” he climbed inside on his hands and knees. As Femcan Lana closed and locked the barred door behind him said ” that’s it … Who’s a good little piggie! …remember nice and clean”. Femcan Lana set about her kitchen, first removing the ingredients from the cupboards and then preparing the marinade. With this LP61975 watched as he washed every inch of his body… His skin moist and glistening wet.

After about 20 minutes Femcan Lana returned to the cage and looked at the freshly clean meat still beading with water. She unlocked the cage and released the piggie, telling him to climb on to the baking tray upon her preparation table. Once more with a few oinks here and there as he complied. As he laid on the table Femcan Lana took a pastry brush and begins to dip it in her secret marinade and paint it all over his body. She wastes no effort getting into every last nook and cranny with her bristled brush. Occasionaly commanding him to turn over or lift an arm or a leg. He now smells from head to toe of a mixture of BBQ sauce and Jack Daniels. The marinade also has finely chopped green herbs to flavour the meat. Now coated in the thick dark sticky marinade Femcan Lana steps back to admire her work. “You just look perfect!… Good enough to EAT!” To which LP61975 just oinked happily back.

Stepping forward once more she took his hand and placing a finger in her mouth sucked the marinade from it. LP61975 could feel her soft muscular tongue work around his finger, the tongue stud inside catching it occasionally. ” Oh! You are going to taste DEVINE!” she said before continuing …” We are not done yet!” She turned and walked away before returning with and apple, a carrot and a coiled rope. Femcan Lana commanded LP61975 to roll over onto his front. She then told him to place his arms around his back, once more he complied. With this she took the rope and secured his wrists together behind his back. She then told him to lift his feet up behind him. Tacking the free end of the rope from tied to his wrists, Femcan Lana then secured the other end by using it to tie his ankles together. As she pulled it taught the piggie squealed, his back being bent backwards. He was now completely trussed unable to move.

Femcan Lana then took the carrot and forced it as far as she could into his buttocks. Returning to his head end Femcan Lana asked if he remembered the safe word? “Oh yes… Bongo drums “he replied. With Femcan Lana said “good…. Now be a good piggie and open wide”. With this LP61975 opened his mouth … “Wider” commanded Femcan Lana… ” that’s it keep going … Keep going” and as if to help him she also simulated him opening his mouth by showing him how by opening hers with an “agh… aghhh- aghhh” noise. LP61975 had his mouth open so wide is jaw almost locked. With the this Femcan Lana grabbed the back of his head and forced the apple as far in as possible… “BITE DOWN!” she shouted, to which LP61975 sank his teeth into the crisp apple… His jaw now firmly locked and unable to move.

Wasting no time Femcan Lana slid a trolley next to the counter and rolled the baking tray from the counter top on to it. It was then that LP61975 realised how well designed her Femcan kitchen was… Everything was the right height, all she had to do was slide him on, wheel the trolley over to the oven, open the door and the trolley was already the right height to slide just slide him inside feet first. Now inside her oven LP61975 looked out from within the darkened walls. Femcan Lana looked inside at the trussed up marinated piggie.

With the door still open she turned the dial and selected the desired temperature then holding the dial pressed in, she flicked the ignition button. With a ‘WHOOSH’ the gas ignited and LP61975 felt the warmth of the flame. Femcan Lana blew him a kiss before closing the oven door securing him inside. He could hear the gas hissing and the large oven was slowly beginning to get warm. Femcan Lana then pulled up a chair so she could sit and watch him inside thought the glass oven door. She could see the temperature display on the oven increasing degree by degree.

About two minutes had gone and LP61975 was visibly starting to sweat inside… He went to shout his safe word but realised with the apple in his mouth he was unable to say a thing. He tried to bite down on the apple but his jaw was forced open so far that he had no mussel power to bite through it. He started to panic writhing around inside in discomfort… Finding it harder and harder to breath as the hot air filled his lungs. Femcan Lana watched whilst LP61975 struggle with his bindings inside her oven…each twitch and contortion of his body, just pulling the knots and securing them tighter. She knew that once she had that apple in his mouth he wouldn’t be able to shout his safe word…. And with his wrists and ankles so securely tied behind his back there was nothing he could do but cook.

Femcan Lana was turned on by his struggles. She then phoned Jinx on her cell phone. ” Hey Jinx! What are you doing tonight? ….. Oh good! Why don’t you come to my place? … I have one of those fantasy role playing longpigs in the oven …[pausing to lick her lips] … And what a shame! .. He appears to have forgotten his safe word! [laughing she continues] and with out his safe word… it now looks like he’s in for the full Femcan experience ” …. with this Femcan Lana rubs her stomach so LP61975 can see she is serious.

Within another few minutes the oven would be fully up to temperature. LP61975 knew he had made a mistake and she had tricked him into becoming her meal. Femcan Lana opened a bottle of red wine and waved at him as she sipped it from a glass… Knowing that soon the heat will make him pass out like all those other role playing longpigs before him.

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