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The Birthday Surprise

Longpig and the Femcans | May 5, 2022
The Birthday Surprise FEMCAN

Jill convinces her sub Steve to become a longpig for her birthday gift.

Jill and Steve were enjoying Jill’s birthday, wandering around town while Steve tried to figure out something special he could get her for her present. It wasn’t that Steve had failed to plan for this special occasion, it was Jill who liked to be spontaneous and at times a bit reckless.

They had met online on a D/S forum about a year earlier, Jill was looking for a sub and Steve a domme. They instantly hit it off and fell right into their roles. Jill loved that at 5’ 100lbs she could boss around her 5’11” 175lb boyfriend, and being at the mercy of the small blonde was a thrill for Steve. Especially since his reward for obedience generally involved his cock entering one of Jill’s orifices.

And so they wandered on, Steve suggesting fancy restaurants he could take Jill to or romantic spots they could spend the afternoon at with Jill shooting down each suggestion. That went on for about 20 minutes until Jill finally pointed to a storefront and said: “There, that’s what I want!”

“What, the deli? You want a sandwich for your birthday? I was thinking something more along the lines of a nice Italian restaurant.” Steve responded, a bit surprised at Jill’s request.

“No, not a sandwich dummy! Look at the sign in the window.” Jill replied, giving Steve a little slap on the belly.

Steve looked at the window of the deli. It mostly had advertisements for their specials but the he saw it. Next to the door there was a large poster with bold block lettering stating “Longpig registration done here!”

Steve was taken aback. He had always done what Jill had wanted him to but this seemed like a bridge too far.

“Maybe we should just stick to the sandwich.” Steve suggested. “Preferably one I’m not in!”

“No, I’ve made up my mind. You’ve been a great sub but it’s time to take our relationship to the next level. I may not officially be able own you since I’m not a licensed cannibal but I’ve always wanted my own longpig and I think we both know once you’re registered for all intents and purposes you’ll belong to me. Besides, hardly anyone who registers actually gets eaten and the percentage is even lower for men.” Jill then grabbed Steve’s shirt, pulled him in close, and stood on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear, “Just think of all the fun I’ll be able to have with you naked 24/7. Plus, do this and I promise I’ll do something extra special for your birthday next month!”

A shiver went up Steve’s spine as Jill asserted her dominance over him. Jill could sense his resolve faltering and moved one of her hands over his crotch. She could feel he was already getting hard and stroked his cock through his jeans until it was rock hard. Once he was fully aroused she knew he would obey her commands. She then grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the deli.

When they entered the deli Jill led Steve directly up to the counter. There was a large man working behind the deli case wearing a nametag that said “Eli” who asked to take their order.

Jill replied “Oh we’re not here for lunch, I just need to get this piggy registered!” and then gave Steve a slap on the ass.

“Oh, alright.” Eli responded as though Jill’s request was as ordinary as ordering a pastrami on rye. “Just fill out this form and then head over to the corner to register.”

He handed a clipboard to Steve and pointed to a computer terminal in the corner of the room. Jill quickly grabbed the clipboard and filled checked the box for becoming a tagged longpig before handing it to Steve for his signature. Steve hesitated upon seeing what Jill had done but after Jill gave his crotch a few strokes he relented and signed.

Jill then pulled him over to the registration terminal where the Eli was already waiting for them.

“I’ll just need the form and your driver’s license so I can enter your information into the computer. While I do that you can go ahead and strip. You need to remove everything but your shoes and socks.” He told Steve.

“Oh, ah ok.” Came Steve’s meek response as he began to pull his shirt off. He was used to being naked in front of Jill but walking around in public bare assed wasn’t something he aspired to do. Plus, there were other customers in the deli and they had all stopped eating to watch the longpig conversion happening in the corner. He only got his shirt about halfway up his chest when Jill got impatient and pulled his pants and underwear down in one swift motion.

“Come on, I haven’t got all day piggy!” Jill exclaimed as she smacked his now bare ass. Steve nearly tripped over his pants which were now binding his ankles but caught himself and finished pulling his shirt off, casting it to the ground. Realizing that his dick was already hanging out in front of the whole restaurant, but happy that at least his nervousness had killed his erection, Steve decided there was nothing to do but just go with the flow and stepped out of his pants, kicking them into a pile with his shirt. Jill then collected Steve’s personal items from his clothes and took his ID back from Eli.

By the time Steve was finished stripping Eli had finished registering him as a longpig. Eli then grabbed a meat tag and the large pliers needed to securely attach it a longpig’s genitals. “It’s best to stretch your penis out a bit so I can put this on. Be sure to pull your testicles out of the way too so I can get it around the base of your shaft.” Eli told Steve.

“I’ll take care of that!” Jill quickly chimed in and took hold of Steve’s genitalia, eliciting a small grunt from the newly minted longpig.

Eli put the ring with the meat tag around the base of Steve’s shaft and as he used the pliers to squeeze it closed and lock it in place he looked up at Steve and asked “Kosher?”

Steve chose to close his eyes during the procedure after seeing the burly man heading towards his penis with a large hand tool but opened them and looked down at Eli when he heard the question.

“Wha…oh…ah no, Catholic. I think they just do it to everyone.”

“Ah, I see. Well there you go, you are now officially registered and tagged as a longpig. Please come back anytime. Especially Wednesday mornings when we offer a 10% discount for longpigs.” Eli said as he returned to his station behind the counter.

“Uh, ok, thank you.” Steve stuttered out, still taking in the reality of his new living situation. After thinking for a second he asked Eli “Why a discount on Wednesday mornings?”

“That’s when we get our meat shipments. Sometimes the truck runs late and being able to grab a pig or two from the crowd allows us to keep working and selling our sandwiches and cold cuts until we get re-supplied.” Eli responded before getting back to work taking an order from the next person in line.

The customer overheard their conversation and joined in.

“Oh that’s a good idea. I didn’t even know restaurants were allowed to claim longpigs for themselves.”

“Oh yes.” Eli explained. “But only when absolutely needed, like when we run out of meat before a shipment. In fact just last week a 20 something girl came in right at opening to get registered and tagged. Once again the truck was late so as soon as I registered her I took her straight to the back room for processing.”

Steve stood dumbfounded at the conversation happening just feet away and the fact that he had been a longpig for less than a minute and someone was already talking about reducing him to cuts of meat. As he stood in shock Jill began to explore his body. She had always been a very tactile person and took great joy in running her hands over Steve’s exposed form.

Steve was in good shape but not overly athletic. That left his body soft to the touch with a thin layer of fat over his muscles. He also had very little natural body hair and what he did have Jill would get rid of with a depilatory cream.

Jill stood in front of Steve running her hands from his thighs up his abdomen and then down his chest and belly to his cock. She reached underneath his balls and gave his new meat tag a little tug. “All locked in safe and sound. I bet you’ll be an even better piggy than you were a slave.”

Steve blushed a bit as he looked down at the pixie holding his genitals. Then he noticed that a fair number of the customers in the deli were still looking at him standing there naked. He thought he even saw one man look him over and then lick his lips.

“Ahhh, why don’t we go home so you can really try out your new piggy?” Steve asked Jill with a tremble in his voice. He didn’t like referring to himself that way but wanted to get out of the deli before he wound up in the meat case.

“Good idea, I wouldn’t want someone else eating up your sausage before I get a taste.” Jill replied, evidently having similar thoughts about the customers in the deli as Steve.

Jill then headed for the door with Steve in tow, holding his cock like a leash. She brought him all the way back to their apartment that way. Steve lost count at the number of snickers, laughs, winks, and comments they elicited along the way. Most people seemed to think he would end up roasting the moment Jill and he reached their destination. The comments were a bit disconcerting but Steve took comfort knowing that Jill wasn’t a cannibal and he was likely in for quite a fun night.

When they arrived home Jill had Steve remove his shoes and socks, the last vestige of his humanity. “There, now you’re nothing but soft tender tagged meat.” She said as she pushed him over to the kitchen counter and commanded him to sit up on it. Steve did as he was told, being alone with Jill had him back in the mindset of her sub and he was getting excited being commanded by her in the privacy of their home once again. Jill put her hands on his knees and pushed them apart. “Time to get a taste of this meatboy!” She said as she put her head between his legs and took his cock into her mouth.

Steve was instantly rock hard and Jill used her talented tongue to milk his cock like a cow’s udder. Steve was just about lost in ecstasy as Jill eagerly sucked his cock but he could swear the moaning sounds she was making were different from normal. More like the sounds she makes when eating something especially tasty rather than her normal moans of pleasure. This thought passed quickly as Jill moved her attention to the tip of Steve’s cock. He had always been extra sensitive there, Jill knew she could get him to orgasm quickly by swirling her tongue around the head and soon Steve was filling her mouth with his fresh hot cum.

Usually they would take a little break after Jill got Steve to cum but this time after swallowing his gravy Jill pushed him down onto the counter.

“Alright meatboy, now it’s time to see if the rest of you tastes as good as your sausage. Lay out on the counter while I get a few things.” She commanded.

Steve did as he was told and laid out on his back on the counter. He watched Jill as she moved about the kitchen pulling things out of various cabinets and the fridge. He didn’t know what Jill had in mind for him but found out quickly as Jill sprayed some whipped cream out of a can onto his chest. She then leaned down and slowly licked it off.

“Mmmmmm, your bacon is delicious! I think I’m in the mood for a nice roast though.”

Jill then flipped Steve over and sprinkled some seasonings onto his butt. She kneaded the flesh of his rump in her hands as she licked the seasoning off.

Steve wasn’t sure what to make of all this but he had to admit it felt amazing and being treated like a piece of meat by his domme was a whole new thrilling experience.

“Time for dessert!” Jill exclaimed before grabbing a bottle of honey and drizzling it over the soles of Steve’s feet. She then grabbed both of his ankles, held them up, and began sucking the honey from his toes. Steve squirmed on the counter as Jill’s tongue tickled over his toes before moving all over his soles to clean the sweet yellow honey from his tender pink feet.

“Well I can certainly see why Eli wanted you to come back on delivery day. You’re an absolutely scrumptious piggy!” Jill teased as she reached between Steve’s legs to tickle his balls.

“I guess I should be thankful I’m your piggy and not Eli’s!” Steve responded with a warm smile.

The next month was very enjoyable for Jill and Steve. Jill loved treating her sub as livestock and Steve took to his new role like a natural. By the time Steve’s birthday was approaching he was spending most of his time on all fours with a pig tail plug in his ass and answering mostly to “piggy” or “Meatboy”. Jill had also taken to putting him on the dinner table and using him as a plate to eat most of her meals off of. Often milking his cock to add some of his gravy to her meals. Jill would also take the time every day to rub down every inch of Steve’s body with oil or lotion saying it would make her piggy extra supple and tender.

When the morning of Steve’s birthday arrived he was sleeping on a pile of blankets next to Jill’s bed as he usually had since being registered. He was awoken by Jill taking his cock and balls in her hand and gently kneading them.

“Wakey, wakey little piggy.” Jill said softly. “Today is the big day. I promised you a special birthday surprise when you registered to be a longpig and it’s time for you to collect your reward.”

Steve got up with a smile and took a kneeling position sitting back on his heels as Jill grabbed a present off of her bed. “I’ve been wondering what this could be for a month now. I’m so excited!” Steve said. Jill then kneeled next to him, putting her left hand on his rump as she used her right to hand him his surprise. Steve looked his present over for a moment before opening it. It was a somewhat odd shape for a big surprise, being about 12 inches long, 6 across, and less than an inch deep. Steve couldn’t wait any longer and torn into the wrapping paper. He quickly removed the wrapping and saw a framed certificate. A bit confused he began reading the first line.

This certificate officially recognizes Jill Anderson as a licensed cannibal.

Steve’s mouth dropped open. Jill squeezed his ass, leaned into his ear, and whispered “Now you really get to be my meatboy. Every bit of your tasty body will be all mine forever!”

Steve’s head was swimming. He knew Jill loved to treat him like a longpig but he never would have guessed she would go ahead and become a cannibal just to be able to eat him. He was frightened at first but as he thought about Jill’s ultimate act of domination over him his cock began to grow hard. Jill instantly noticed and began teasing the head of his penis with her fingertips. “Looks like your sausage is getting nice and plump for me to eat. My piggy must be excited about my dinner plans.” Jill cooed in his ear.

Steve’s cheeks flushed and his stomach filled with butterflies. He wasn’t sure how to respond but after a few moments “Yes mistress” was all he managed to say.

“Awwwww, such a good piggy.” Jill said giving Steve a kiss on the cheek and stroking his cock. “And soon to be a delicious piggy!”

Jill stood up and slapped her hand against her thigh twice, which Steve recognized as her signal for him to follow. Jill then made her way to the kitchen with her meatboy following on all fours behind her. Once they got to the kitchen Jill ordered Steve up onto the counter and onto the roasting pan already waiting for him there. Steve quietly obeyed like a good pig and was soon rewarded with the feeling of Jill’s hands exploring every inch of his body as she covered him completely in herb infused olive oil.

Steve was hard as a rock knowing that he was now nothing more than an animal to be roasted, eaten, and enjoyed by the chef he loved.

Now that Steve’s meat was being claimed by a cannibal to be eaten Jill had to remove his tag. Jill took a pair of heavy duty wire cutters and carefully removed the ring around Steve’s genitals that held his tag in place. Steve once again got apprehensive about having such a tool in his most delicate area but Jill reassured him “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t risk damaging my dinner.” Jill then took a small length of cooking twine and tied it tightly around the base of Steve’s cock where the ring had been. “This will keep your sausage nice and plump for me all the way up until it’s served.”

Steve desperately wanted to cum but the twine prevented him. This was the most intense experience of submission he had ever had and it was driving him wild. Jill had always treated him more like an animal or plaything than a person but now that he was just her meat he was almost overwhelmed by the ecstasy of her dominance.

Jill knew how turned on her piggy was and wanted to build him up to the absolute limit of arousal before putting him in the oven. With that in mind she took out a six inch long meat thermometer and after spreading some oil on it began teasing Steve’s anus with it as she slowly worked it into him. Jill used the thermometer to massage his prostate until Steve was squirming on the roasting pan. She then took a ripe red apple and held it in front of Steve’s mouth. “Open wide piggy!” She instructed.

Steve immediately obeyed his mistress’s order and opened his mouth as wide as he could. Jill stuck the apple firmly into his mouth and then took a step back to admire her handiwork. She licked her lips as she gazed upon her dinner. “You almost look good enough to eat raw! I think I’m going to like being a cannibal, I just hope all longpigs are as tasty as you!” Were the last words she said to Steve before sliding him down the counter and into her waiting oven.

Jill pulled up a seat, poured herself a glass of wine, and spent the next hour watching Steve squirm as he slowly roasted alive in the oven. She loved watching his rump jiggle and toes wiggle as he began turning red and the smell of cooking pork filled the kitchen. After Steve stopped moving Jill set about getting ready for dinner. She set out her finest china and silverware for her special dinner and put a large serving platter in the center of the table.

Once her meatboy was roasted to a golden brown and the thermometer in his rump reached the pork marking Jill opened the oven and used a rolling cart to move Steve to the table and onto the serving platter. She then refilled her wine glass and took a seat at the head of the table. Jill took a moment to take in the sight and smell of her perfectly roasted longpig before carving off his cock and balls and putting them on her plate. “This may not be the most fun you’ve ever had with your cock in someone’s mouth meatboy, but it’ll definitely be best experience I’ve ever had sucking on your sausage!” She said as she took a big bite.

Written by RANDO

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