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The Birthday Surprise FEMCAN

The Birthday Surprise

Longpig and the Femcans | May 5, 2022

Jill convinces her sub Steve to become a longpig for her birthday gift. Jill and Steve were enjoying Jill’s birthday, wandering around town while Steve tried to figure out something special he could get her for her present. It wasn’t that Steve had failed to plan for this special occasion, […]

Safe Haven Piggie Auction

The Safe Haven Piggie Auction

Longpig and the Femcans | March 21, 2022
Shhh piggie just relax while I place the apple in your mouth. Shhhh don't struggle piggie. You are safe here. Let me go over what's about to happen. You will bite down on the apple. Its a special one. Its rubber. They call it a ball gag Hahahaha Anyway once [...]


The Femcan Sorority

Longpig and the Femcans | June 15, 2017

THIS IS FICTION AND IF YOU ARE OFFENDED IN ANY WAY BY THE SUBJECT MATTER THEN DON’T READ ANY FURTHER Angela was sort of an outcast at the college, being a bit plump looking and being a British exchange student. She had been always been seen as an outcast even […]


FemCan Dining & Dinner Rehearsal Story Chapter 1

Longpig and the Femcans | June 13, 2017

Chapter 1 Once Human cannibalism meat selling had become both legally & ethically permissible, did it quickly become universally popular & acceptable by the vast majority of humans that found themselves lucky enough not to be on somebody’s menu. It hadn’t taken very long at all for a cannibal meat […]


The Thanksgiving Feast Part 1 by Madtitan

Longpig and the Femcans | October 1, 2016

The cool chill of the autumn breeze penetrates the old wooden stables of Safe Haven. A half-dozen long-pigs sleep soundly on their hay beds, but one in particular could not sleep. The anticipation of the role he is to play today had not let him sleep a wink. He was […]

Fan ManipsStories

Longpig in the Stable

Longpig and the Femcans | August 12, 2016

Longpig in the stable again my hands touch your skin when i fix this leach around your neck when you kneel so scary in front of me when i prepare you for the meal Can you feel the heat, can you feel my heat Again my sharp nails dig into […]

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    01. Pig Blood Cup
    Longpig and the Femcans

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    02. Piggie Meat and Wine
    Longpig and the Femcans

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    03. Piggie in the Oven
    Longpig and the Femcans

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    Flesh For The Table Remix
    Longpig and the Femcans

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