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Newly Turned Femcan Police Officer Pulls you over.

Longpig and the Femcans | April 24, 2022
Femcan Police

He gets pulled over on his walk home from work. He worked in a restaurant kitchen, dishwasher, but because of how wet he gets, the smells from the kitchen stick to him so much easier. It is after 10 PM and suddenly he is surrounded by Red and Blue lights. A quick siren flares behind him as a cop pulls up. A beautiful woman steps out of the car and taps her nightstick against her hand as she tells him to stop. Realizing she is talking to him, he stops and turns around. “Can I help you?” he asks

“Why are you walking around this late at night in all black?” she asks looking him up and down.

“I just got out of work, and the uniform is all black” he says smiling at her and shrugging.

“A likely story” she says as she pulls out her cuffs. “We have a report of a suspicious individual around here, and it matches your description” she says looking at her phone for the description of the individual. “Male, brown hair, white skin, overweight”

He blushes, and shakes his head at her. “I swear it’s not me” he says putting his hands up to show that he doesn’t have a weapon.

She holsters her phone and steps up to him. “I’m going to have to make sure of that” she says placing her hand on his chest and squeezes.

He just nods his head, forgetting entirely about what he has in his pockets.

The patdown takes a few minutes, but for some reason focuses on his rump and thighs, as well as his lower belly as opposed to where his pockets are. When she does get to his side pockets, she looks up into his eyes as she pulls out a small silver pocket knife. It gleams in the lights from the police car and she examines it. It was a little rusted from age, and in the darkness of the area, it could be mistaken for blood.

“Alright, you have a choice” she says as she pulls out a ziplock bag from one of her pouches on her belt. She drops the knife into it, and pulls out another bag for his phone and wallet, as well as some change he had found while walking. “I can either arrest you and take you to jail for lying to a police officer, or you can drop your pants right this second and let me peg you with my nightstick. Then you’ll be on your way”

He gulps and blushes. “Will I get my stuff back?”

“Aside from your knife yes”

“My mother gave that to me 15 years ago, I’ve kept it on me ever since”

“It’s evidence” She says shrugging her shoulders.

“Peg me” he says hesitantly

“Drop your pants then”

He undoes his belt and lets his jeans fall to his ankles. She looks down at the bulge made in the front of his boxers. His thumbs then look around the elastic of his underwear and he then drops them to his ankles revealing his manhood full of blood, and standing at full attention.

He then scuttles about 5 feet to the left and bends over a fire hydrant that was nearby. Both hands grab on to the top of the hydrant as he bends over, presenting himself to her. His manhood swings back and forth until it stops, the head pointing straight at the ground. She returns to her cruiser and opened the trunk. She pulls out a small sack and pulls out a bottle of lube and a red apple. “Put this in your mouth” she says grabbing him by the back of the head and shoving the apple into his mouth. She then lets him watch as she strokes the nightstick up and down with her hands glistening with lube. He then noticed that the nightstick had been chiseled to look like a penis, complete with veins running down the shaft from the tip.

His eyes followed the path her hand made until the whole thing was shining with the lube. She goes to his rump, bends over and bites into it gently, as if getting a taste of him. A small moan escapes his lips at the bite but then he begins to groan in pain as she slides the nightstick into his rump. It is thicker than he was, and he had never taken anything in his hole before so he was in a lot of pain. Once he was able to accommodate the whole shaft, he begins to moan as she pumps the nightstick back and forth. “Good boy” she says as she holds the base of the penis and begins to unscrew the end of the nightstick. She reaches into a pouch and pulls out a different attachment for the nightstick and screws that into place. It now resembled a dildo more, with balls hanging down towards his own balls. “Stand up”

He stands up straight as she holsters her now much shorter nightstick and she guides his hands behind his back. He hears the rhythmic clicking of the handcuffs as they clamp down on his wrists and prevent him from getting use out of his hands again. “MMMPH MMMPH MMPH” he says through the apple in confusion and anger. She ignores him and moves him to the car trunk before pushing him along the back and he stumbles into the trunk of the police cruiser. Before she closes the trunk she pulls out her phone and makes a call.

“I got one, we are going to eat well this weekend” she says as she closes the trunk sealing him in darkness.

He soon falls asleep, awfully confused. He had done everything that had been asked of him and was still in the back of a cruiser with a large dildo in his ass. He had a very bad feeling in his stomach because the warmth of the trunk and the rumble of the engine was comforting to him and it actually relaxed him. His eyes soon closed peacefully as he fell into a blissful slumber.

When he wakes up later on that evening, it’s to bright lights from the street lamps of the police lock up. His eyes blink a few times as he tries to get his sight to clear up. “Awww, did my little piggie have nice nap?” the officer that had arrested him asks as she strokes the hair on his head and smiles down at him.

Stupidly and tiredly he nods his head, unable to speak with the apple still stuck in his mouth. “Good boy” she says happily as she helps him to stand up again and leads him to the back door of the lock up. One of the other officers that had arrived in the intervening time unlocks the door and he gets led through. Instead of going to one of the cells, the group go down some stairs where, still having his pants around his ankles, he gets sat down in a chair. He could barely see a digital clock on the wall saying that it was 9:30 PM. He had been due to be home about an hour ago, and he knew his girlfriend would be worried about him.

Almost on cue, his phone rings with a Sonic the Hedgehog ringtone. The officer, who was wearing a nametag saying her name was Lana, takes the phone out of her evidence bag, and stabs the phone through the screen, straight through the battery and into the table. The phone sparks just a bit as the last bit of energy from the battery shoots through the metal knife and dissipates. His eyes widen wondering why she would do that.

The apple wasn’t moving anytime soon, so he wasn’t able to speak his issues. Soon, another officer kneeled down and stared directly at his cock and licks her lips as she unties his shoes and pulls them off, followed shortly by his pants. A pair of scissors was brought out and his work shirt was cut into pieces, along with the tank top underneath. Shivers ran up and down his spine at being naked aside from a pair of socks, and the handcuffs holding his hands behind his back.

Lana comes up to him and strokes his head gently, while the other officers were leaving and coming back, taking measurements, making me stand, taking more measurements, squeezing his thighs, cock, balls, belly, his abs and chest, enjoying as his nipples hardened at the touches from beautiful women who were all official officers. It was 10:30 when a scale was brought in and he was forced to step up on it. The dildo fell out this time, due to the thing having stuck to the chair.

Once the number had been recorded and the officer walked away, Lana kneels down in front of him and wraps her hand around his cock, slowly stroking it and looking him in the eyes as she does. “I’m going to be plain with you piggie, you are going to die tonight, so you can either let us have our way with you and get some fun and pleasure out of it, or you can struggle and get a lot more pain out of it. Unlike the other choice I gave you, I swear to you that if you choose to cooperate, you will have fun, and if you struggle, you will know you chose wrong” she says enjoying his moans and breathing getting deeper. A second officer walks in now and begins to peel carrots behind Lana who was looking him in the eyes.

He nods his head and she smiled wide at him. She led him back up out of the basement, and into a back yard area. There was a path that led to the middle of a forest clearing. She led him by his dick in her hand, squeezing every so often and once they reached the clearing, there was no light anywhere else aside from the campfire. He hadn’t even noticed that they had been walking for 20 minutes. It was now 10 PM. Once they had stopped and she was able to focus on stroking him off, he came very quickly, his cum filling her hand and a few officers came over to get a taste of his salty cum. They all moan gently at the flavor as Lana gently lowers him to his knees, and then pushing his head to the ground. For the next half hour, each officer rammed a strap on into his ass, and a couple of them were at such a stature that her tits were resting in his hand as they humped him.

He came once more all over the grass as he was taken over and over again. They finally stopped fucking his ass and brought over a large thick spit. Two officers held onto the spit as a third oiled up the whole thing, and a forth spread his ass open. The first few inches entering his ass didn’t feel too bad, given that he had been thoroughly fucked the entire time. After their hands started sliding along the shaft, they pulled away and screwed on a couple of handles for them to grab on to and push in.

By this point, he was screaming. As the spit passed through his body, the pain shot through him and he was struggling as hard as he could to get away from the pain, though 2 officers were holding onto his shoulders on the ground. Gagging escaped his mouth as the spit entered his throat, and pushed the apple out of the way. His screaming had dislodged the apple and the spit pushed it away as the officers grabbed onto the spit point and lifted him up. A hand pressed on his forehead and pushed him further along the spit, which didn’t hurt anymore.

A hose was brought out and all the grass and dirt that was on his upper chest and lower legs, as well as his chin was rinsed off and Lana comes up to him. “Are you ready my sweet piggie meat?” she asks sweetly, swiping his sweaty hair back.

“Mmhmm” he says through the spit, preventing him from speaking properly.

“Good boy” she says happily and snaps her fingers, “Go ahead girls, get him on the fire”

He felt the spit moving through the clearing and his poles being laid on two Y pillars on either side of the fire. His hands were uncuffed and brought to the front of him to be tied to the spit, after two more handles were screwed into place. His ankles were brought up and brought to the handles that had been put on to push through him easier. Then another piece was clipped to the spit and was placed around his ass so that he would turn properly.

He didn’t last very long over the fire, his day had been long and exhausting, and he soon fell asleep in the heat. Therefore he didn’t feel the BBQ sauce being slathered across his body, coating his nipples and balls especially. He woke up briefly about an hour later to watch as his BBQ cock was placed on a bun and some cole slaw was scooped onto the cock, covering the head so that she wouldn’t know what she was eating at first.

A new officer was brought in, a young one, just turned 25 was given the plate, and picked up the hot dog on it. She picked up some fries that were on the side, and put them onto it as well. She took a bite, out of the end of the hot dog that used to be the penis base and her eyes sparkled hotly as she enjoyed the flavor so thoroughly. “Oh my lord, what was that?” she asks as she takes another bite.

In answer, Lana slides the slaw off of the tip of the cock and the new officer stares at it. “It’s a dick?” she asks unbelievingly.

“Indeed” Lana says and offers the cock sandwich to her. She opens her mouth and bites down directly behind the tip of the cock.

“Where can I get more?” she asks curiously. “Can I join whatever group you have going to get more of this?”

The officers lead her to the spit out back and she smiles as she sees the other officers beginning to carve his nipples, his balls, his thigh, and his rump off of him. His eyes were beginning to flutter closed as she took another bite out of the meat in her hands. “I’m in” she says as Lana sits down at a picnic table with a whole cheek of his rump on her plate. After she took the first bite, she counted out the money he had in his wallet and divided it up amongst the other officers. He passed away just as the new member of the group took her last bite of his cock and slaw. The last thing he heard was her asking politely for some of his BBQ Ribs.


Written by Longpig and the Femcans

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