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FemCan Dining & Dinner Rehearsal Story Chapter 1

Longpig and the Femcans | June 13, 2017

Chapter 1

Once Human cannibalism meat selling had become both legally & ethically permissible, did it quickly become universally popular & acceptable by the vast majority of humans that found themselves lucky enough not to be on somebody’s menu.

It hadn’t taken very long at all for a cannibal meat processing company to be set up to deal with the many importantly busy & hard working aspects that went into processing, selling & buying human meat.

The first proper cannibal processing business to be set up & become fully operational was named Femcore Inc & within only a couple of weeks of being open, quickly became first leading international business that both Bought & sold live live human meat livestock that they also then pre prepared & processed inside specially built & designed Femcore Inc processing facilities & factories that were soon quickly built all in towns & cities all over the world.

In only a few years there were not hundreds…

But thousands of working Femcore Inc Farms, Factories, & other similarly themed human meat buying & selling shops & facilities with many more being built with every new successful year.

After only two months of the first Femcore Inc main company headquarters with it’s on site fully operational human meat processing facilities having been built & busy trading as a hugely successful business was the company’s amazingly beautiful & incredibly hard working Head Director & company CEO able to fully expand Femcore Inc as the world’s official number one successful Human meat trading business that quickly continued to go from strength to strength.

This company quickly grew in popularity with ever more increasingly happy hard working Employees & satisfied customers alike, all around the world as Femcore Inc continued to expand further & further.

Building still more Femcore inc factories, farms & facilities in towns & cities all around the world, as the demand for there high quality products & services increased year by year since human cannibalism had first become legal & the company had first began trading…

A month or so later did Femcore Inc’s young & very beautiful female CEO who was a highly talented woman appropriately named Femcan Lana announce that she would be temporarily traveling away from her hometown of Toronto, Canada to both visit & to live for a while in the old English town of Norfolk to help celebrate the latest Femcore Inc Human meat processing facility that she had recently commissioned & had specially built there.

In Norfolk very shortly before CEO Femcan Lana’s scheduled arrival to the area,one of her favorite & most trusted friends who had just recently been promoted to be in charge of & almost fully oversee this new & most recently built English Femcore Inc facility.

This extremely talented red haired beautiful facility managing director had also even managed to successfully acquire several extremely well built & delicious looking live meat livestock that Femcan Alvah hoped to impressively show off these appetizingly appealing specimens to her soon to be visiting friend & boss Femcan Lana for both of their mutual pleasures & delights.

Especially if Femcan Alvah & the other hard working staff under her could successfully manage to get one or more of them to become most fun & even more delicious as private or staff mouthwateringly beautiful dinner table centerpieces.

The above mentioned person was had just recently been elected & promoted to run the new Norfolk Femcore Inc branch went by the highly appropriate name of Femcan Alvah who although was she was still currently a little younger & slightly less experienced then her friend & boss Femcanlana was at handling & running a large successful human meat processing business. she always looked just as pretty & attractive as Femcan Lana often appeared, but Femcan Alvah was also quickly proving that she could be almost just as hard working & just as intellectually business smart as her close friend & current boss femcan Lana currently was…

one of these promisingly well behaved & delicious looking specimens that Femcan Alvah hoping to surprise to have specially prepared to grace & to be eaten at Femcan Lana’s dining table to both help celebrate & to also welcome Femcan Lana when she arrived to this latest new English processing facility.

Was a young 25 year old & well developing white male named Collin or simply LP1286.

Who had recently been legally sold to the new Norfolk site by members of his own family to cover their own currently climbing financial debit problems.

At first as Collin was a just a relatively new living piece of meat acquisition he was both fully & completely treated like just like what he was supposed to be now which was a living breathing meat acquisition.

Within a few days of his arrival & his continuing treatment in this place, he very soon adjusted himself to fully & respectfully act like a good animal that he was treated & being trained to become.

Almost all of Collin’s time now was spent with him being naked & remaining securely tethered by a collar around his neck that was attached to a bolt that was firmly embedded deeply inside of the pig pens walls.

This current facility had hundreds of pig pen like rooms identical to the one in which Collin currently found himself confined inside, & in each of these pig pen rooms were four or five identically naked & securely collared men who all received exactly the same treatment that Collin was subjected to.

There were also just as many pig pen like rooms that housed Female meat livestock & treated them exactly the same as their Male meat livestock counterparts were both kept & currently treated like.

With all of the male & female meat livestock both receiving exactly the same treatment, food & mental conditioning.

The current facility in Norfolk housed many hundreds of both male & female livestock, & kept increasing their numbers as the demand to supply for delicious human meat continued to further increase.

During this time in Collin’s life time passed him by both slowly & boringly as he spent his current days naked & chained up to a wall by a neck collar in a pen being both treated & conditioned as nothing special.
Nothing but living meat livestock which was what he had now fully & legally become…

For Collin & the other men sharing this live Pig pen, there lives were now mostly spent sitting or lieing down & eating or sometimes being forcefully fed a varied & plentiful mixture of different meats, fruits & vegetables that had been mixed & all cooked together to form a very calorie rich & highly fattening stew, that was both served & eaten by all the current living meat livestock’s residents three times everyday.

For Collin & the rest of the live meat livestock, the only pleasurable thing that they all were allowed & brighten up their lives & also helped relieve the boredom of their current days was when they are all each individually being sexually milked to orgasm twice a day by one of that day’s current on duty femcans …

Although as enjoyably pleasant as milking could be for a typical meat livestock male like Collin, sometimes it wasn’t either as pleasurable or as painless as it could be.

that pleasure greatly depended on the mood of the Femcan doing the milking & the behavior of the specimen currently about to be milked.

Another risk for the livestock to concern themselves with was if a high ranking femcan suddenly took a personal hungry interest in the particular specimen that she was currently milking to orgasm.

If such an interest developed then it was not uncommon for that femcan staff member to be allowed to both prematurely & fully process that unfortunate piece of livestock once it had been milked to orgasm as that particular Femcan’s amusement or & dinner…

Things suddenly changed for Collin on one typically normal morning just after one of his first pleasurable daily milking session for that day, when he was suddenly untethered & detached from the hook bolted into the wall which had by now almost become to him, his normal & natural place inside one of the facilities many meat livestock Pig pens.

Forced to stand upright by one of that day’s working & on duty staff Femcans, Collin quickly had his wrists tightly bound together in front of him with a long length of strong cord & a short leash was attached to his neck collar & then he was forcefully led by his neck away from the pig pen that he had spent the last several weeks of his life confined inside…

As he was being quickly led away to perhaps a new place or to face a new fate that he both imagined & knew that could easily become a terribly painful or even perhaps fatal place.

Collin had feelings or anxiously cold quiet dread that increased with every further step that he was forced to take.
Surprisingly however these feelings began to subside & then change into a feeling of confused amazement as Collin soon found himself being taken completely outside of the main facility building & lined up to stand beside seven or eight other naked & bound men & women.

They were all being lined up into a growing small row of people, who Collin at this time knew were all currently just like himself & facing the same uncertain future as well.

Whatever Collin’s fate would be he suddenly thought that other meat stock around him would also be sharing it as well.

After all Collin knew that they were all thought of as the same thing in the eyes of the working sites beautiful femcans outside nearby them…

They were nothing but living meat livestock…

During the time when the Femcan guards were lining up & assembling the live meat livestock into small neat & straight lines, A few of those femcan’s loudly raised their voices as they ordered that all of the assembling meat livestock was to remain both completely still & absolutely silent as they were all being lined up.

The Femcan’s used strong threatening words promising either immediate sharp punishment & reprisals for any of the meat livestock who failed to fully obey these simple commands…

When one or two of the few braver specimen’s did find the courage to disobey the femcan’s current commands, either by moving , flinching or even more bravely attempting to defiantly speak.

Then the femcan catching there disobedience both quickly & roughly forced a ballgag deeply inside of the living specimens mouth & then even more forcefully grasped them painfully often by the back of there necks & quickly marched them straight back inside of the doors that they had just been bought outside of…

When all of the Femcan guards had rounded up & arranged three small straight lines of living Male & Female meat livestock & when half of the current facilities workforce had also enthusiastically assembled to stand happily together outside only a short distance away from the live meat Livestock.

They formed friendly groups casually chatting to one another as either work colleagues or as friends or they stood quietly apart heads down staring intently at their own uniquely trendy looking mobile phones devices.

The nearby silent & nervous looking meat livestock tried stared down at their feet or the floor & awaited whatever would soon happen next.

Non of them had to wait for very long although for what seemed to Collin & the rest of the anxiously awaiting meat, time seemed to supernaturally slow down or stop altogether, in actual reality only about five or ten more minutes had actually them by…

It all suddenly began when an extremely clean, & very stylishly expensive looking black Ferrari 458 suddenly appeared on Femcore Inc’s newest site’s car park , stopped & began to park up barely thirty feet away from where both the site staff & meat specimens alike were both collectively standing by & patiently waiting…

When the main car driver’s door first opened & the very smartly dressed attractive young female driver quickly stood up & climbed out, most of the currently awaiting site’s staff began to both loudly cheer & clap their hands in praise towards this new & extremely important looking site visitor.

The sudden & unexpected loud clapping & cheering caused nearly all of the currently awaiting live meat livestock specimens nearby to either jump or flinch in both sudden surprise & also in sudden fear of what this beautiful woman’s sudden arrival could now mean for them all now…

This new & extremely important beautiful looking female visitor both looked & acted supremely confident as her eyes surveyed both the assembled staff & live meat livestock who were quietly lined up for her attention & inspection in front of her.

Lana appeared to be fully taking in all of the current scenery & almost all of the many different faces that she could see staring back at her.

Flashing an intense yet happy gaze back to all of the people lined up staring back at her with with beautifully bright & clear green eyes she also simultaneously allowed a calm completely bedazzlingly exquisite smile to both fully form & to spread across her full & pretty ruby red lips.

Quickly taking a couple of firm steps away from her expensive car, & towards her quietly assembled audience, she shook her head a little to work out a minor kink in her slender neck, which briefly allowed her equally attractive looking ,stylish shoulder medium shiny jet black hair to sway for a second or two behind her a little as she prepared to speak & announce both who she was, & why she was here…

She knew that not everyone currently present knew exactly who she was & that she was no ordinary site visitor…

But all that were currently presenting themselves right in front of her would all soon know who she was…

She is the very top boss as Femcore Inc’s original founder & it’s current CEO …

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