The pizzalana: Who wants to donate their sausage?

Now serving at my Femcan Restuarant

The pizzalana: Pepperoni “pig sausage”, cockheads and 3 cheeses oven backed on a pizza stone. With homemade pig blood sauce.

Comes with a free dipping sauce made from the pigs milk!

Goes great with a side salad with my simple salad dressing. Olive oil, Vingar, fresh squeezed lemons, garlic and spices.

Any pigs want to donate their sausage these pizzas are a hit!

Any pig that donates their sausage gets invited to a pizza party to watch us eat your meat! Free drinks too

Comment for an invite and what you would like to drink

Any of you that are good at art or manips etc feel free to create some cockhead pizzas and post them