LongPig and the FemCans features vocalist Femcan Lana backed by Nameless Pig on guitar, Femcan Jinx on bass and Femcan Alvah on drums.

At first listen you might be a bit confused about our music, singing about piggies. When we speak about piggies we are referring to the two legged, longpig kind. The human animal.

You see, our fans consider themselves pigs and wear pig masks. They fantasize about Femcans, female cannibals, eating them.

You will hear us mention a place called Safe Haven; that is our fantasy human pig farm, where we train men to become pigs. They plow the gardens, do maintenance on the stables as well as fatten them up if needed. It is a very relaxing simple life; then on their special day they get invited as dinner.

You might even see Femcore Inc on our content. Femcore is our meat distributor. We raise the pigs at Safe Haven and then distribute their meat to Femcans all around the world through Femcore



Formed in 2015, LP&FC released their first album in 2015 “Flesh for the Table” Now comes their widely anticipated new album to be released this year called “Explore your innerpig”.

Pushing beyond straight rock/metal, LP&FC is exploring many different forms to find just the right blend.  Some success with country suggests we may see more of that soon.  And the group has a variety of other projects in the works as well.  Cartoons, photos, videos and stories all turn up in the busy world of Femcan Lana.

That’s why we are called Longpig and the Femcans. The music is dedicated to the pigs, which is why longpig is first; we want them as our dinner.
It is all fantasy of course. We don’t eat our fans. If we did, then what would we do? Nobody would be around to listen to our music.
We create music mostly on the lighter side of cannibalism were men oink and walk on all fours. We rarely bring gore into our music but sometimes we do. So if you are easily offended or don’t like gore, then move along we are not the band for you

We have tons of music released and plan to tour in the near future. If you like what we do pick up some of our music. Large fans encouraged to apply! If you consider yourself a pig already perhaps email us

When emailing please don’t write begging to be eaten now or eat me. Try to spark up a conversation and if you really want our attention take a pic with you wearing a pig mask. Above all, just be respectful and polite.

So where is this all headed?  Besides hook-filled and ground-breaking music, LP&FC projects a whole new attitude for men.  We always knew they were just pigs, and the LP&FC music is designed to bring them to the truth. They really are just pigs and this is their new mantra:





Longpigs for dinner

Manips by Dodge

Want to meet your inner pig?  This is just the beginning.  You are about to go on the adventure of your life, so follow us on the social sites.  And look for tons of new music in 2017.  Hey, maybe you have a suggestion for a cover song, or just want to know more.

Message us anytime at

You can purchase our new & old music here


Femcan Lana

A goddess collecting piggies for the Safe Haven stables. She trains them and teaches them to be good and Yummy

NAME: Femcan Lana



LIKES: Finding piggies to train, Brainwashing men to become pigs, spreading the word of FSP

DISLIKES: Running out of meat

FAV QUOTE: Oink for me piggie


Nameless Pig

Ended up at the Safe Haven Pigfarm and was about to be invited to dinner. His last request was to play guitar for a bit. Femcan Lana loved his guitar playing and decided instead of having his meat on her plate she would form a band with him and her femcan sisters

NAME: Nameless Pig


LIKES: What the Femcans tell him to like

DISLIKES: What the Femcans tell him to dislike

HOBBIES: Writing music for LP&FC since that is all he is allowed to do

FAV QUOTE: Doesnt speak from fear of his tongue being removed


Femcan Jinx

Is the most violent Femcan of them all. When a piggie sees her they know they are in big trouble. She slaughters pigs and also buries them neck down in the safe Haven gardens and watches the veggies grow out of their skulls.

NAME: Femcan Jinx

INSTRUMENT: Bass guitar

LIKES: Smoking weed and being one with nature

HOBBIES: Playing bass and slaughtering pigs

FAV QUOTE: Would you like to take a walk to my chopping block or shall I slice you apart right here in front of your piggie brothers


Femcan Alvah

Loves piggies and treats them like little kids. She is like a Mama Femcan. She bakes cakes and cookies for the pigs and makes them really fat. She feels it makes their meat sweeter. When ever she has trouble with a pig she doesn’t say a word to the pig but they always know the next Femcan they see will be Femcan Jinx and that scares them

NAME: Femcan Alvah


HOBBIES: Baking and playing with her piggies

LIKES: When her piggies are spoiled rotten

FAV QUOTE: You are such a nice piggie want me to bake you a nice big cake

DISLIKES: Rude mean piggies